What is a Virtual Run?
A Virtual Run is when you register for an event that can be completed at your chosen time at a location that you choose. Each registration includes a medal at the end of the event. The distance should be done at one time. You can walk or run your chosen distance.

What do I do after registration?
Once you have registered, you can utilise the Run Brave program that will be sent to you in the mail, if you have chosen this option, you complete your distance on the specified date in the location of your choice and then you can share your results, by email to or by sharing your results on Facebook and tagging @RunBraveWithMe/or Instagram and tagging @run.brave and using #runbravechallenge

Do I have to complete my distance at once?

How do I track my results?
There are numerous ways to track your results. You can use an app like Strava or Map my Run. There are other apps that do the same thing. You can also use watch that has a GPS.

Do I have to provide my results to get my medal?
No, it is not necessary for you to share your results if you would prefer not to. Run Brave respects your privacy and your choice. At Run Brave we encourage you to share your results and to take pride in your achievement, however, this will not prevent us sending you your finishers medal.

When will I receive my Run Brave finishers medal?
Generally, the medals will be shipped as soon as practicable after the event is held. We aim to ship your medal within 7 days of the event completion. If there is a delay due to unforeseen circumstances, we will endeavour to advise you accordingly.

How does Run Brave choose a charity to donate to?
At Run Brave we choose charities that have a purpose that is in line with our vision. From time to time, Run Brave may choose to donate to a cause that is of significant importance.